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Cloud base Installer - with Installerex

InstalleRex logoInstallerex is one of the leading platforms used for creating a cloud-based installer for applications.  Highly customizable, Installerex guarantees to meet customers’ requirements and standards. One selling point of Installerex is that it does not require the payment of an upfront fee for an installer to be created. Even if the installer is ready you still do not have to pay a single cent.  Payment is on a pay per install basis, which means that you only start paying once your installer was successfully installed by clients. Aside from this, Installerex has many other features that make it popular.

Installerex vs Installcore

Offers flexibility

Aside from being highly customizable, Installerex is also highly flexible.  You can completely modify the way your installer looks, change the products you will offer, even the order of the screens and more. This can be easily done by accessing the site and using the tools it provides. Installerex gives you exactly what you want your application to be by giving you full control of your application and how it installs.

Installerex screenshots

Guaranteed safe

Installerex complies with high standards of security to ensure that your application is fully protected, safe and secure. Installerex is also protected and tested daily with Internet protection software like McAfee, AVG and Norton. Your applications will not be put at risk with Installerex.

Has higher installation rate

Installerex has stable, fast and reliable installers that are fast to download and install.  It likewise has a built-in installation testing protocol thereby giving you the assurance that application installations are all successfully delivered to all its users.

Provides advertising and marketing services

Installerex has the complete tools to help you maximize your earnings from your application.  Installerex will advertise and market your application in the Web market.  It has distribution channels and tried and tested marketing and advertising tools that will enable you to effectively reach your target market depending on their country, browser, OS and even their preferred content.

Collects data and provides updated online reports

Installerex also provides up-to-date online reports so you can easily account for your profits and analyze data on your installations and users so you can determine if your strategy is helping you reach your target market. This gives you the chance to modify your strategies if you are not meeting your goals.

Offers other ways for monetization

Installerex allows you to add advertisement and product offers on your installers so that your earnings are not just limited to income from selling your programs. Installerex allows you to maximize your earnings.


Applications have dominated the cyber space over the years. With the rapid advancement in Internet technology, application developers have taken advantage of this advancement for their personal gain. Developing applications and offering them to the cyber world are very rewarding, money-wise. If you are an application developer and you want to earn money, you can employ Installerex to help you get your applications out there. Visit installerex on twitter.

Downloading applications, music, videos, movies, games and such are what we are getting busy about these days. The advances in Internet technology has enabled us to get hold of fun, entertaining and informative applications and programs that we can use in our everyday lives. These applications help us with our work, get rid of our boredom with fun games and help us educate our children with educational apps.
The best thing about Installerex is that it utilizes the PPI system, or the pay-per-install system, which means that you only pay for every successful install. This means that you do not have to pay for any download that did not push through.

Even advertisers can make use of Installerex to get their products into the cyber world. This is a very useful installation platform that developers and advertisers alike can use. Earning money through this platform is very beneficial. Since there are millions of smartphone and computer users all around the globe, you are sure that your applications are seen and downloaded by interested users. Another benefit of Installerex is that it can be customized to fit your needs. It is also compatible with all Internet browsers. Customizing Installerex to fit your needs will help you maximize the fees that you will pay.

Installerex is an installer that application developers can use, and it is cloud based, so it is easy for users to keep track of the success of their applications and how many customers have already downloaded the said applications. What’s more, Installerex will provide application developers and advertisers comprehensive reports about the products they are offering customers, and the reports are real time, so you get to learn how much your products are being patronized by people in the cyber space. You can easily go online and view the data that you need to see about your business.

If you feel like you want to change the look of your applications’ installer, you can easily do so, with the program very user-friendly. You do not have to sweat over changing the look of the installer to fit your growing needs.

Contrary to what other online articles say about Installerex, it does not contain viruses nor is it a malware. Installerex is 100% virus-free and safe to be used by everyone. In its website you can see that it is protected by three antivirus giants, McAfee, Norton and AVG, so you can rest easy knowing that you are dealing with a safe and legitimate installer platform. Start making money and continuously earn with the help of Installerex. It is easier than you think. You can commence developing applications or advertise your products at once, no time wasted.


Doing business, or starting up a new venture, is not an easy thing to do especially these days. Ask any entrepreneur and they will give you the same answer. You will really have to toil and work hard to be able to make any business work. Nowadays, most markets are saturated. If you have an idea for something, someone not far away from you might have already thought of the same thing. And if you’re really unlucky, that person is already way ahead of you.
This is precisely the reason why a lot of would-be entrepreneurs take to the Internet to create new opportunities for themselves. Rather than spend a ton of money in setting up a business in which overhead expenses are ridiculously high, people create new markets that are still untapped. You can make money by selling products, invest in stocks, do trading or even create websites that will make you earn in the long run. One of the new opportunities that can be done online is the development and the selling of applications.
Apps are the craze these days. With smart phones being the primary device of interest for a lot of people all over the world, downloading new and useful applications are considered to be a need. This creates a lot of opportunities for app developers or even those who simply have a great idea for an app itself. That being said, any product can be deemed uninteresting unless it gets the proper distribution. This is where Installerex comes in. By making this company your partner, you can be rest assured that your apps can both be developed and distributed to the right people to ensure optimization.
The Installerex website explains what they can do for you. As a developer, they can help make your ideas real and turn them into downloadable content. Or, they can take what you already have and ensure its distribution to the open market. As a partnership, they will not charge you first without making sure that your product is ready to be launched. Then, the people behind Installerex will only charge you for every successful download of your product. This is how you know you won’t get ripped off at all. In addition, they will provide you with updated information round the clock so you know how your product is doing in real time. So if you have an idea about an app that you’ve always wanted heard, Installerex is your best bet.

Thursday, 29 August 2013


If you are an application or software developer who wants to monetize the distribution of your product, Installerex is one service you will certainly appreciate. Installerex is an advanced web-based installer platform particularly created to help monetize the distribution of software or applications. It provides opportunities for generating revenues out of downloads. With the help of Installerex, developers or publishers can make money even out of their free applications simply by making these applications available to prospective users.
Installerex is a smart and modern cloud-based software installer platform that can be customized to suit varying needs and preferences. It basically brings together software or application developers, advertisers, and possible users of various kinds of applications or software. It enables the monetization of software distribution or downloads by allowing advertisers to display their ads as applications or software are being searched and downloaded. This opportunity for monetization is particularly great for those who offer free software like apps for mobile devices or free utilities for desktop and laptop computers. Since they are unlikely to make money from selling their software, they can try earning revenues through ads. With millions of people downloading free software online, possible earnings through ads is not going to be just a negligible amount.
Aside from download monetization, Installerex is also great for expanding distribution channels. It maintains a network of distribution channels that can help make software or apps available to more prospective users. Developers or publishers are no longer going to be limited to one or a few websites through which they can offer their products. With Installerex, they can reach a wider audience.
Installerex offers distribution stability and flexibility. Developers who use Installarex can be assured that their products will continue to be available online even if their respective websites are down. Likewise, they can specify the way the download interface appears to make it more appealing to possible users or to promote other related software products. The system also makes use of a smart targeting system to make sure that products are primarily shown to those who are most likely to download and install them.
Additionally, Installerex only charges for the number of successful downloads and installations. This means that developers will not have to pay anything if their software products are not downloaded. It’s a cost-effective way of trying to promote or distribute software or apps. It also employs a smart reporting system to accurately keep track of all installations and statistics related to prospective users.
Security, moreover, shouldn't be an issue for those who would want to use Installerex's software distribution and monetization solution. The site bears McAfee SECURE and SiteLock SECURE logos. It is regularly scanned and verified to be safe from security-compromising malware. It is likewise Trust Guard security verified, certifying that it uses SSL encryption on pages where private information is entered.
Installerex is an online service definitely worth trying. It may not guarantee popularity but at the least it should offer a considerable extent of monetization for the software made available through its system. Likewise, it promises that it can increase the rate of successful installations. Installarex automatically installs the software or applications obtained through it, ensuring that downloads equate to successful installations.
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Wednesday, 10 July 2013


Why You Should Choose Installerex as Your Installation Platform

Today’s software applications basically need installation platforms in order to build their applications faster and ensure that these applications get properly installed in less time. Another reason why software developers need installation platforms is because of the added advantage of ensuring they get to earn from every installation of their software applications.
Why Installerex?

Installerex  is one of the most popular software installation platforms. This is primarily because Installerex is very easy to install. Just a quick sign up and application developers are then set to get the full benefit from this installation platform.

Another attractive feature of Installerex is because it promotes applications into the market, so that applications increase their market value through Installerex’s advertising and marketing solutions. This ensures that your software applications get easily noticed and thus, increase their probability of being installed.

Application developers are also guaranteed of higher success rates of installations of their software applications. They then get to earn from every successful installation. And all these are all made possible by the Installerex solution.

Digital Security

To prove their dedication to their clients and customers, Installerex has gotten itself certified with the McAfee antivirus system, which is one of the most popular antivirus companies. Likewise, they’ve also earned a digital signature from Comodo Digital Signatures. Each software application that is set to be installed comes with a digital signature from Comodo Digital Signatures.

Installerex is truly dedicated to its goals and visions and is still improving itself to further advance its solution.